REVEL (revuhl), v: 1. to take great pleasure or delight. 2. to make merry; indulge in boisterous festivities.

Revel Kitchen is a place to revel in all things food.

The kitchen can be a stressful or intimidating place for some, but I see it as your own personal culinary playground! There are three opportunities (give or take a few) each day to be the creator of a masterpiece or to simply provide temporary relief from hunger (gruel, anyone?). Okay, maybe we’ll have gruel for a couple of meals, but think of all these opportunities to experiment, practice, and ultimately make yourself, your friends, family, or even complete strangers stand up and cheer over what you just served them.

As in life, messing up (or just making a mess) is an important part of learning and developing greater skill in the kitchen. Maybe you’ll stumble into a fantastic new dish, or just have a story to tell. I hope you will take the same attitude as we do at Revel Kitchen and dive in.

Meet you in the kitchen!


Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to say hello, or send along your questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas. I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me on twitter @revel_kitchen, or via email here.


I am a food writer, cook, recipe developer, and dining scene adventurer. I love eating food as much as I love playing with it, working with it, and sharing it. It blows my mind. Prior to devoting myself to a life in food, I worked as a software engineer. I live with my wonderful husband, Baelson, and adorably smooshy sharpei, Lucy, in San Jose, CA.

Sharpei Lucy

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  1. Jennifer! Your Blog is great! So happy I can follow & make some of your tasty creations! Good seeing you today 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Marzipan! Thank you so much for the nomination 🙂 🙂 :)! I am very flattered, indeed, and I’ve enjoyed following your wonderful blog as well. Have a great 2013!

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