Technique: Wrapping Wontons

For complete details on making these wontons, see Simple, comforting, and handmade: Pork and Shrimp Wontons.

This is a simple way of wrapping wontons, but I like it best because it’s easy and leaves the edges of the wrapper wispy to float in the soup and get good and napped in dipping sauce. You want some amount of little folds (as opposed to just a plain triangle) so there are more nooks for sauce to cling to.

Wonton wrapping 1Wonton wrapping 2

Draw the un-moistened corner to the moistened corner and press together.

Wonton wrapping 3Wonton wrapping 4

Pinch the left and right corners together…

Wonton wrapping 5

then fold or pleat each of the two sides toward the center point.

Wonton wrapping 6

Gently press out any air bubbles sealed within the wonton, which can make them burst when cooked.

Go the the Recipe for Pork and Shrimp Wontons


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